HögforsSteka Ltd was founded by Teuvo Suuronen in 1967. Initially known as Terästyöpaja, the company started as a manufacturer of welded traffic structures such as bridge railings. In the 1980s the production of power line structures begun and the owners, the Suuronen family, founded a sister company KS-Sinkki Ltd, which focused on hot-dip galvanizing.

From the year 2000 onwards, the now HögforsSteka Ltd has faced several changes. In 2001 the name Terästyöpaja was changed to TTP-Yhtiöt Ltd, and a year later the company started to manufacture power plant structures in Lievestuore. Moreover, in 2006 the main part of the company was sold to Mid-Invest Oy foundation, to be bought in 2008 by Primaca Ltd, which divided the company into TTP-Yhtiöt Ltd and HögforsSteka Ltd. TTP-Yhtiöt Ltd focused on manufacturing power line structures in Kokemäki and Kannonkoski, while HögforsSteka Ltd focused on power plant structures in Kouvola and Lievestuore.

Finally, in September 2011, the Suuronen family bought back the company and all production was moved back to Lievestuore.